The ministry is effectively involved in addiction training both locally and internationally. We work with schools, prisons and conduct seminars in churches.

From September till December 2009 Jabel Mutekanga, the Ministry Director, spend three and a half month training on Addictive Behavior Counseling school in South Africa. The school had 19 students and 15 staff from 11 different nations: Brazil, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda, USA, Togo, Ivory Cost, The Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa and South Korea.

The training runs for six months: three-month lecture phase and 12 weeks outreach. After that the students will be certified as Addiction Counselor.


We have conduct capacity building to the people involved in the addiction field like AA support groups and the 12 steps program and treatment centers.

  1. Future training
  2. ABC Uganda 2010
  3. Training 10 schools in Uganda
  4. Conference (March 2010) International Substance Abuse Coalition in Asia
  5. Prisons and Rehab Centers for six months
  6. Conduct 5 workshops in Uganda and seminars

Prayer Points:

  • Half Way Home Treatment Center (rescue unit)
  • Funding
  • Projector
  • Ministry Van
  • Teams and volunteers
  • Resources
  • Staff
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