Recovery Ministries has constituted its aims and objectives, as one of them is to take care of the orphans and the vulnerable children. Our vision as childcare department is to bring the fatherhood of God to the fatherless’ by releasing Hope, Healing and Restoration.

as a father



  1. To be a family
  2. To promote self-sufficiency in the children, families and ministry as a whole.
  3. To meet the physical needs of orphans and vulnerable children.
  4. To train and disciple fathers and mothers for families
  5. To meet the spiritual needs of families in discipleship, evangelism and character training.
  6. To establish each grown up child into adult hood.
  7. To improve the local standard of agriculture among the family garden farm
  8. To conduct sensitization seminars and workshops on the rights of the child and orphans
  9. To train volunteers to promote observance of issues of orphans.
  10. To help the local councils at all levels with the interviews and interventions and interpretations of issues on child rights.
  11. To undertake counseling of street children on HIV/ AIDS where deeming.
  12. To Advise NGOs and CBOs in consultation with the registering and supporting authorities to stick to their aims and objectives where there appears to be exploitation of children through the said NGOs/CBOs.
  13. To instill the spirit of fatherhood and advocacy for the rights in children and youth through training, seminars and creation of clubs and associations.
  14. To run advocacy for the child rights through media
  15. To arbitrate in situations where orphans are at risk of loss of property resulting from loss of parent [s].
  16. To network with relevant ministries, departments, NGOs/CBOs in promotion of child rights.
  17. To do any such thing that will be promotive of the aims and objectives of this constitution.

Ministry opportunities and involvement:

  • Construction of the family units
  • Developing the family garden farm
  • Parenting and Fostering.
  • Discipleship and Sunday school teacher
  • Gifts and Donations

Please read the following document if you are interested in the Child Care Sponsorship.

RMI-Child Sponsorship Profile

Prayer points:

  • Child sponsorship
  • Funding raising of the orphanage homes
  • Foster Parents and counselors
  • Project farm manager
  • Child care coordinator
  • Ministry Van
  • Staff Support
  • Volunteers
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