Prison Ministry

Recovery Ministry has established  church services among the prisoners in the Condemn section / death- raw.  The women and  Convict section with a capacity of 250 members who are now born again Christians.matt 25

Through this ministry we provided sugar, soap ,clothes ,volley ball and soccer .We always hold game completions with the prisoners as a way of sharing the gospel and rehabilitation. A big number of the prisoners have been baptized through immersion ,filled by the holy spirit and on fire for the Lord.

Prison ministry 006

The 14 women who are condemned are now Christians and growing in the Lord, extended forgiveness to their families  and complainant who put them behind the bars. They each now have spiritual mothers from Recovery Christian Centre, Deliverance church and other churches around Jinja who are walking them through a journey of recovery and discipleship as well.

They begun working on crafts for sell and we are now trusting God for prrovisions to set up an enterprise shop for them in town. Thanks to the Jinja Christ ration leaders fellowship for their commitment to serve and be part of what God is doing in this ministry. The support groups for the recovering prison addicts has impacted so many lives as well.

The largest need for the prison ministry to be more effective:

  1. monthly funding for transport
  2. sports outreach
  3. donations like bibles, blankets, soap, sugar, guitar
  4. DVD, projector
  5. volunteers for  discipleship and resources
  6. developing the  sports outreach with the prison ministry through evangelism
  7. staff support
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