This ministry was established during the very first Addictive Behavour Counseling School in Africa 2008 at Youth With A Mission training site, Jinja-Uganda with the aim of helping people recover from addictions and able to live a new life in Christ. The team held operations of addictions, seminars, workshops and trained more volunteers in number of churches and NGOS.

We closely worked with Family Resource Link Ministry, Women at Risk Ministry in Mbiko, MEDEA in Pader, Alcoholic Anonymous Group- International Medical Corps (IMC) pader, pastors, Civic leader and Jinja Mental Hospital.

During this time, God started to put a burden on the Director (Jabel Mutekanga’s) heart for a Christian family going through alcoholic addiction struggles that resulted into shame among other effects. The family met in the Director’s church where it received support through counseling and it was the basis for starting the ministry as it was a representation of  other families and individuals facing the social problem of alcoholism in the community.

Director begun group therapy counseling through 12 steps support groups and AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) group meetings and become more aware of the pain and wounds people have as a result of addiction.
Special recommendations to Dr Darv Smith An addictionologist and his wife Carol, the International Directors of Addictive Behavior  Ministries International [ABMI]. For through them, RMI Director’s vision became more clear and begun to realize how this ministry is born out of God’s Heart longing to reach out the largely rejected people by society and even the church.
Among these, are people addicted to alcohol and other drugs, sex addicts, prostitutes, adults and children living on the streets, HIV/AIDS people many of them who are not paid attention to in society, nor welcomed in the church.

Jesus if he were here in the flesh, would likely be right among them, for this is the very kind of ministry he did 2000 years ago. Consequentially, RMI is on the cutting edge of meeting the needs and cries of people on the fringe of communities. Addicts of every kind of top levels of society, professional people too, are alcoholics and sex addicts, covering their addictions or live in denial. But they have cries of emptiness, isolation, loneliness, too!
Jesus came for all who are hurting.

We there fore have constituted ourselves into an organization to ease sourcing for funds from members and other developmental  partners .

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