Addiction Facts Uganda

Facts from 2004 Globel Status Report on alcohol.

Alcohol global health impact is at the par with unsafe sex and above tobacco in terms of its contributions to the total numbers of years of life lost to death and disability.
Uganda is the number one Country with the people of highest consumption rate of alcohol amounting to 19,5 liters of alcohol per capital. In terms of mortality, even if allowance is made for protective effect against heart DISEASE, net deaths from alcohol totals to over 1.1 annul. Morbidity in alcohol measured from years of life lost to disability has a greater impact on health than even malnutrition or poor sanitation [The Global Burden of disease study done by World Bank].

In Africa the spread of alcohol drug abuse is attributed to rapid urbanization, disintegration of the traditional and cultural controls and easy availability of the drug. Biggest access increase is among young people and women! The increase is not only observed in use of traditionally acceptable drug like alcohol, cannabis, tobacco and khat but also in the newer hard drugs such as heroine and cocaine. Which are not grown or produced in Africa.

  • 14-25% of  the total admission on psychiatric wards 20% of patients admitted in Butabika hospital have alcohol .1 .2 The Register’s office of the ministry drug related problems. The alcohol drug unit in Butabika admits about 5 patients per day.
  • Ugandans are leading consumers of alcohol in the world (WHO 2005) .Obote 1995 on RTA victims in Mulago 50% had alcohol levels > 300mg/dl .
  • 9.2% of students in secundary schools in one district in Uganda are abusing alcohol/drugs (Nalugya 2004).
  • 20% of patients admitted in Butabika hospital have alcohol drug related problems.
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